A Contest of Nisse and Release

The Cayman and the Viper

The battle was met.

The boarders were repelled and Vashtim Skerene got a few pirate’s attention then he addressed the crowd.

“You cowardly mutinous sad excuse of men. Stand down and beg the Admiral’s forgiveness for the most heinous crime against her. Plead well and you may retain your life. Do you see how towering her rage is? I beg of you to return to your senses and throw yourself to her feet and you MAY calm her fury!”

Atash Baixe moved through the crowd and headed to the captain, the Black Cayman. White Dove Fans Her Wings and Brings Serenity helped Tendai Haraki keep attackers pinned down.

As the Black Cayman approached Atash, he stopped and suddenly called out her name. Then he ordered his crew to stand down, not realizing that Vashtim had already gotten over half of them to join his side.

Atash suddenly recognized him as a past crew member and undercover agent from the Realm. After talking to each other the Black Cayman decided to help by sailing west and breaking through the lines of the Wyld Hunt and lead them off in a different direction.

Leaving Great Forks

The group packs up and leaves Great Forks in the middle of the day.

Bad weather plauges the voyage once the ship sails beyond the cities.

Raiton is seen following them.

Something in the water is following them as well.

Reyny is practicing his stealth. Idel is more aware and hopeful. She is seen practicing her swordsman ship.

The group notices that they are being followed by a ship with green sails.

The following evening the ship attacks and starts to board. Vashtim leaps onto their ship.

Atash goes to sleep and the Red Lady wakes up.


The group attacked Rainbow Star.

One by one the party became immobilized.

An artifact machine behind her amplified her abilities and also used the stolen willpower and essence to open a portal to the Wyld.

As the last solar passed out, the portal opened and Rainbow Star walked her court into it.

When the group awoke several days later, they destroyed the artifact.

Zaiku arrive to let them know that they had actually been in the top level of his manse.

Ragara Camasto was waiting for the group at thier estate when they arrived. He told them that the Wyld Hunt was almost at the city.

Ragara and Zaiku decided to leave as a decoy for the hunt.

The Glorious Life and Death of Anden
Episode 2.14

The group makes it to the Pillow for the evening’s event.

White Dove gets the group into the event with a bit of intimidation and refinement.
The first act takes place . . .

Act 1
The lights dim and the music comes up.
A young child watches his father practice fighting with a sword. The child shadows the movements.

The father leaves often and the young child is left practicing on his own.

The father returns from a battle severely wounded being carried by fellow soldiers of the 7th legion. The young boy rushes to his side.

The father recovers and talks to people of high importance. He then is given their clothes and stands with them. The young child practices with his sword off to the side.

The lights dim and when they are brought back up the old father is lying in a bed dying. The now older boy kneels at his side with the sword and holds his father’s hand. An old lady throws a mixture into a nearby fire and it erupts in flame, as it goes out so do the lights.

End of Act 1

The group struggles with being overwhelmed with emotion. Some spend willpower points to not be swept up in the performance. The mortals in the crowd are greatly affected.

Act 2
A young Anden enters into military service. He works hard and is rewarded.

During a mission he saves the life of a young officer as he takes off her helmet she lunges past him to kill a creature that was about to kill Anden. The two look into each other’s eyes.
They fight many battles together. Watching each other’s back. They often pause to look into each other’s eyes. Finally they kiss and the lights go down.

Fire erupts from the fireplace as an old woman throws a mixture into it. The young Anden and young Idel stand side by side as they are married by the old woman. She laughs and tosses more of the mixture into the fire. It erupts and the lights go down.

Young Idel is lying in a bed as she gives birth to a little girl. Anden kneels next to her bed holding his sword and takes her hand in his.

The lights dim and as they come back up Idel is giving birth to Reyny and a young Mara stands next to the bed as Anden kneels and takes her hand.

The lights dim and are brought back up to reveal Idel standing in a kitchen with both children. Anden enters in a different outfit, that of a lieutenant. His family rushes up to hug him.
The lights dim.

End of Act 2

The effects of the play are barely warded off by the group. Several have to spend several willpower points to avoid the emotional reactions they feel. The other audience members are not so lucky. Many faint or are reduced to emotional wrecks.

An intermission takes place.

The crowd mingles, food is brought around. No one can locate Glimmering Rainbow Star. Atash notices someone familiar looking at her while he moves through the crowd. Atash tries to play it cool and act like she doesn’t notice him. She loses track of her stalker for a moment and he moves in behind her to offer her a canapé. Atash hits a nearby tray of Hors d’œuvres and it goes flying everywhere. One lands on White Dove as she is moving through the room. She is not amused and moves to go outside. It is Ragara Camasto and he has come to deliver a warning. The Wild Hunt is on its way to the city. They will arrive in a few days. After debating on whether to leave the city, use the Warstrider or let Ragara Camasto to create a diversion, the group leaves the Pillow to head back home to the estate. Vashtim realizes they have left Idel and Reyny at the performance. He decides to go back for them.

Vashtim arrives to see Act 3

The old woman illuminates the room with her fire and herb mixture. She cackles and throws more in. A creature of fire rises up from the ashes. She tells the fire creature to find the young man who she saw in the flames. He will be the vessel for the future Anden. She throws the mixture into the fire and the spirit leaves.

The five quest.
Some succeed. Some die.
All inspire.
The contest of nisse and release will be fought.
One will lose and all will suffer.
The sun is eternal.
Everything burns.
Forever and ever.
The light fades.

The light rises and the old lady has a group of five people standing around her. She tells them about their journey. They are looking for heroes, disciples of the Unconquered Sun. They are to be found west of here. Your journey will be long and arduous. Some of you will not make it back. She looks long at Anden. Idel follows the old woman’s stare to her husband.

The questers leave and arrive in Great Forks and have some small adventures.
Shiga decides to go north when they leave Great Forks.

The questers arrive in Nexus and Anden and Reyny attend a parade. Reyny climbs up a building and falls off. The actor playing Vashtim arrives and saves Reyny. A caricature of White Dove appears and begins to sing along with Atash’s caricature. Scene ends.

River Games are recreated and the circle of Exalted caricatures reenact the events that took place. Vashtim begins to have visions of being in the arena again but expends willpower to fight it.

The final scene is the escape from Nexus on the boat. Anden stands up and declares that he will save his family and companions and as he is exalting he is struck down with a spear.
Vashtim burns his last willpower point and his anima explodes in a totemic phoenix which lights up the city. White dove, Tendai and Atash see this and head back to the Pillow. Vashtim’s anima quickly extinguishes.

The group arrives to see Vashtim standing shocked watching the play.

There is a young man traveling when he is suddenly set upon by wild beasts. He runs but realizes that he cannot outrun them so he stops and braces for the attack. He exalts and the actor pulls out the Anden mask and places it on his face. “I will save my family!” He kills the beasts. Lights go down.

Lights come up and Anden is walking in a northern market when he comes upon Shiga. Anden approaches Shiga and greats him. After a short dialogue Shiga recognizes him. The two embrace. The lights go down.

Idel screams and both her and Reyny faint. Several other crowd members are carried out. The actors come out and remove their masks. Glimmering Rainbow Star removes several masks, White Dove, the Old Lady and Tepet Yumi. A young lady removes the mask of Mara and it is actually Mara. Naka removes her masks to reveal that she had been playing herself, an official and a person in the northern marketplace.

The crowd applauds, the actors bow and retreat behind a curtain. The crowd is drained emotionally and they quickly disperse.

The circle waits until everyone is gone. Tendai and White Dove remove Reyny and Idel and take them to the estate.

Vashtim and Atash decide to find Mara and Naka. They search the Pillow and discover a trap door in the floor of Glimmering Rainbow’s dressing room. They descend and search for the mortals. Vashitm thinks he hears someone call his name. They take off for an hour before Atash realizes they are moving in the wrong direction. She notices they have been roaming around a large structure that seems to be designed to house and train a large army.

White Dove enters the Pillow and searches for the group when she comes upon Glimmering Rainbow Star’s dressing room and makeup desk. White Dove sits and re-applies her face. After an hour of corrections she goes down the hatch and finds Atash retracing her steps with a very berated Vashtim.

The group follows the tracks down several hallways to find Glimmering Rainbow Star with a few other mortals having an after party. Glimmering Star is caressing a mortal’s face all color drains from their face and into her hand. She begins to glow brightly.

Raiton Day

Raiton blesses the group with some upgrades during his holiday. White Dove recognizes that the gifts may come with a price or at the least were part of a political maneuver by Raiton.

White Dove purchases the The Estate of Eamalas.

Atash figured out that Mara and Naka have been missing for the last few days. The group is headed to The Pillow to take in the play “The life and death of ”/campaigns/a-contest-of-nisse-and-release/characters/anden" class=“wiki-content-link”>Anden.

Smells Like Team Spirit
Session 2.12

Atash reaches the figure known as Gumela and strikes hard dealing a very severe blow. Many of the strands go flying and a cut opens on his torso. Vashtim strikes with an charm-augmented hit that does minimal damage. Tendai reaches the fight and turns to keep the crowd at bay. Gumela strikes out at Atash with several magically augmented punches and almost drops her to her knees. Each blow explodes with white light and she is temporarly blinded. White Dove decides to retreat out of the room and lock the door to avoid the approaching mass of naked and angry mortals.

Atash swings her reaper daiklaives and removes the head of Gumela. The crowd shrieks in anger and sorrow. Atash activates her terrifying visage anima and the crowd fails it’s Valor roll. Panic ensues and everyone runs for the door. Which is closed.

Outside, White Dove hears the screams and figures that her group has been dispatched. So she leaves.

The crowd surges and the door. Hundreds are crushed.

Vashtim steps forward to charm the crowd into listening to him and the remaining mortals calm down.

Almost 700 people were killed in the stampede. Tendai tends to the wounded.

Atash notices that the slaves at the alter all had a glowing green mark on their throats and it evaporates with the death of Gumela. They are told they are free to go and all but three leave. They are taken by the group as they leave.

The group returns home to meet with White Dove as she is having her night time tea. They all get cleaned up and turn in for the night.

The morning comes, Woo Lee-Gu, Idela and Reyny are having breakfast. The city is preparing for Ration Day today.

The group leaves to meet with the city spirits.

The arrive at the Palace of the Three. Vashtim asks for the high priest. He arrives with a discusted look on his face. Vashtim walks up and grabs his very ornate staff and as they play tug-of -war, Vashtim calls the city spirits of Great Forks. The doorway to Yu-Shan opens and outseps two Celetial Lions and the three. Dayshield, Dreamweaver and Talespinner. The great the Solar Exalted by each of their honorific titles and full names, they also add their first age solar incarnation names. The group explained what they have found out and who was responsible. When the city spirits were told the name of Gumela they were shocked. They explained that it will take generations to remove the taint of Gumela. They believe that Gumela visited the town of Chaya hundreds of years ago. The effect is still present in the madness that takes place yearly. The city spirits then declared the 15th day of Ascending Earth the Day of the Solar Exalted with a specific emphasis on the group.

The spirits then retreated into the doorway of light and it closed.

Orgy Crashers
Session 2.11

The group travelled through the underground following the symbols until they came upon a circular stone door with the symbol painted on it and in the middle was a keyhole that matched the key.

They opened the door and walked down a small hallway until they arrived in a large cavernous room with about a thousand people partaking in an orgy on the floor. A strange green mist was covering the people. The mist was flowing out of the lips of a figure at the center of the room on a dais. The person is a live version of the statue that was found in the secret chamber of Eamalas. Surrounding him on the dais was eight humans all stand naked and swaying as the figure breathed on each one sending the mist out to the crowd. The crowd can be heard chanting . . . “His breath is sweet . . . Morale falls before him . . . His is the passion . . . Thoughts become words, desires become reality, secrets become shouts”

Atash and Vashtim begin to charge across the surface of human bodies. The figure notices them and tries to command the group to no avail. Vashtim reaches him first and the attack begins. Both are fighting to a stale mate. The figure exerts himself and curses Vashtim. Suddenly Vashtim cannot remember how to use his sword. White Dove stands at the entrance cautiously waiting to see what is going to happen. Tendai decides to move in and help out.

The mood of the crowd suddenly changes and they begin to get up and move toward the group.

B & E
Session 2.10

The group tracked down the leads on the warehouse to the estate of Eamalas, a prominent member of the trading guild. She is responsible for a lot of trade in Great Forks and the East in General. Her home is a large estate in the West End of Great Forks.

The group arrived and discovered that the estate was only occupied by servants. They searched and found some legal papers that proved she was moving slaves to the warehouse and to the East. They also found invitations to parties with a key embossed on them. They also found a strand of silk that ended inside a perfect sapphire.

They decided to search the gardens and uncovered a fountain that moves with a staircase under it.

An underground temple was discovered. Images of orgies covered the fine marble walls. At the end of one hallway they heard mumbling. As they approached they saw a statue in an alcove behind a large pile of gold and jewels. It was of a figure of a man with thousands of strands for clothing that each ended in a jewel.

As they approached the mumbling gets louder with no discernible source. Suddenly an eye opens on the pile of treasure. It unfolds into a large reptile crusted with gems and gold. The mumbling was coming from the creature. Tendai recognized the creature from a story he was told long ago [with like 10 successes or something] . The creature is called Amphelisia and that it is defeated by laughter. So the group laughed it out of existence, literally.

Upon closer inspection of the idol they found a key hanging from his genitals under the strands. Tendai recognized the symbol from his travels in the underground.

Hands & Feet smackdown
Session 2.9

Great Forks Day 5 – 13th day of Ascending Air

The group awoke and after an extended debate they headed off to the warehouse to free slaves and take out any remaining gang members. Zaiku arrived just as the group was leaving. He was covered in filth and sewage.

They found the Hands & Feet Emporium friendly and accommodating even after Tendai asked for slaves that will not walk out in front of large carts.

White Dove asked to be shown the livestock so the group was given access to the holding area.

Zaiku managed to slip away from the group and locate the other slaves in the basement. Zaiku subdued the ten employees that he found below and then he waited for others to show up. He systematically took out each one as they arrived and the slaves managed to hide the unconscious bodies. Once the flow of victims stopped he freed the rejected slaves and tied up the gang members.

Upstairs, White Dove asked to see the driver’s seat on the large cart in the warehouse. As the employees helped her up, Tendai, Atash and Vashtim covered the exits. White Dove then announced to the building that she was acting on behalf of the city Gods and they should surrender. The group all activated their animas in unison. Many of the gang members gave up with only a few fighting back.

The resistance was put down fairly quickly and Atash’s terrifying anima spooked the Yeddim but Vashtim was able to calm the creatures down before too much damage was caused.
Slaves were freed, given money and allowed to take the clothes of their captures. The city guards arrived and took away all the gang members that survived.

White Dove offered employment to three of the best female specimens.

Picking up the Trail
Session 2.8

Great Forks: Day Four (evening)

The fight continued. The circle managed to subdue all of the Angels of Knebury that were present at The Yellow Mug. Two of the members looked a little more respectable.

The city watch was brought in and they managed to round up everyone and bring them all back to the holding facility. Word was sent to bring in White Dove to help question the thugs.

Lee To-Le turned out to be the organizer of purchasing the slaves and disposing of them. 452 slaves have been killed over the last 9 months. He makes 7 shards of Jade a month. He does as he is told and nothing more. He told them of the holding facility where the newly purchased slaves are housed and where the rejects are brought.

Hsee Ni-Gao is the messenger. He picks up the information from an estate owned by a lady called Eamalas. She is a prominent member of The Guild and calls Great Forks her home. She is responsible for a lot of trade in Great Forks and the East in General. Her estate is located in the West quarter of the city.


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