Great Forks

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Great forks

Within the midst of the fiercely independent eastern territories, the city named Great Forks lies at the confluence of the Yellow River and the Rolling River. The City of Temples (as it is known to savants) is a place of celebration. Gods of all sorts have shrines and followings here and the festivals thrown for them often span the city in their decadence. Indeed the city is ruled by Three powerful Gods with a council of statesmen beneath them. The average citizen is well-educated, many are literate and are mildly condescending towards outsiders but not unkind. The economy is carried by a form of limited slavery, but even most of the slaves feel lucky to live in such a center of learning and culture.

A little over a decade ago the army of Great Forks was wiped out nearly to a man. What passes for an army now has been woefully untested. Very few veterans are left, and the city’s rulers know it. They work very hard to maintain good relations with neighboring kingdoms.

Districts of Great Forks

Great Forks is divided into five Districts known as Quarters. The central quarter however is referred to the Temple District and is the heart and soul of the City of Temples.

Northern Quarter

  • Slave Barracks

Eastern Quarter

Southern Quarter

Western Quarter

  • The Docks

Temple District

  • House of Learning
  • Palace of the Three
  • House of Functionaries
  • House of Soldiers


Great Forks is ruled by three powerful Gods: Shield of a Different Day, Spinner of Glorious Tales, and Weaver of Dreams of Victory. Below them is The Council of Ministers, appointed by the Three Gods of Great Forks themselves to tend to the day to day running of the City-State. Below them are the Ministers deputies who are the Ministers aides and eventual replacements. Below them is a vast thriving meritocracy of Great Forks citizens.

People of Great Forks


Cynis Anabor Wood Aspect Dragon-Blooded. Owner of a Manse just outside the city, and official host to all Dynasts visiting the City-State.

Council of Ministers

  1. General Blood Linnet, Minister of the Military. Her deputy is Colonel Devarth
  2. Maheka Aydahj, Minister of Residency. His deputy is Marikus Straightarm.
  3. Lady Jozakura, Minister of Research; Her deputy is Second Wing.
  4. Constantly Smiling, Minister of Trade. His deputy is Marble Hands
  5. Fountain of Virtue, Minister of Worship. His deputy is Pillar of Duty.
  6. Sari Heartknot, Minister of Logistics. Her deputy is Luthia Redbird
  7. Karreth Doublegift, Minister of Lore. His deputy is Chimming Bells
  8. Silver Dove, Minister of Diplomacy. His deputy is Devishen Latoth
  9. Vandereth Senzak, Minister of Other Matters. His deputy is Erika Red Nails.

Great Forks

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