Angels of Knebury

Criminal organization in Great Forks.

Laundering money from contributions in the name of other gods.

Buying slaves and selling off the prime specimins to the Fair Folk of the east by the name of Lesoj Ssambrae. The front company is called Hands & Feet.

The poor quality slaves are being killed and compensation is being gathered.

Lee To-Le was the mid-level manager of the gang. He made sure the orders were carried out.

Hsee Ni-Gao is the messenger. He would go to the estate of Eamalas and pick up packets in a drop box and bring them back to Lee.

Most all the members of the gang have been captured and are being held by the town guard.

It was later discovered that the slaves were being corrupted by Gumela with a madness. The slaves were being fed on by the Fair Folk of the East and they were themselves corrupted with a rage.

Angels of Knebury

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