Hearthstones are the talismans of the Exalted. Where mortal men gather mementos of magic, the Chosen harvest its very fruits. From the heart of a manse grows a crystal of pure magic, usually about the size of a large chicken egg. Such Crystals are of unearthly beauty, growing naturally in beautiful cuts. yet, it is not for their luster that the Chosen prize them.

Many items made of the Five Magical Materials have sockets in them, for the mounting of these crystals. When an Exalted is attuned to a Manse, places that Manse’s Hearthstone into an item made with one of the Five Magical Materials and then invests Essence in the item to attune its resonance to her own, the Hearthstone resonates as well.

Such a resonant Hearthstone has a beneficial effect on the Exalted, like a mighty talisman. this effect is dertimined by the architecture of the Manse that produced the stone and the nature of the Demesne that forms the Manse’s foundation. Some provide minor bonuses, while more powerful Hearthstones grant magical powers.

To use a Hearthstone, the Exalted must first be attuned to the Manse that produced the Hearthstone. Second ,the Hearthstone must be in contact with the Exalted’s skin. Attuned artifacts made of the Five Magical Materials will conduct Essence recovery to the Exalted as if the Hearthstone were in contact with their skin.


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