House Cathak

House cathak

One of the eleven Great Houses of the Scarlet Dynasty. House Cathak is known as a pious and disciplined House of generals, strategist and martial philosophers. They are famed for their breeding, second only to House Mnemon. It is necessary because of the House’s high mortality rate. It is said the House Cathak is “long on bravery, but short on judgment”. Many scions of the House join the Imperial Legion, were many rank as some of the greatist war heroes of the Realm.

Master of the House

The head of House Cathak is Cathak Cainan, great grandson of Cathak himself.

Major Lines

Cathak Garel, a household of devoted military historians.
Cathak Cacek, a household of devoted Gateway players


Vast portion of the Houses wealth comes from satrapies. Recently, some Cathak House holds have started hiring out their legions to other Houses’s satapies. Cathak Cainan despises the practice, but knows his house needs the money.


The House squeezes the most from their satrapies, but also provide better troops and less corrupt officials. More satrapies have been with holding tribute, hoping the impending civil war will keep the House occupied. Should war be overted House Cathak would make sure that the satrapies would be put in line with strong legion presence.

Goals and Alliances

House Cathak respects their alliances and partnerships.

Illustrious Dynasts of the House

  • Cathak Cainan, head of the House.
  • Cathak Garel, head of the Cathak Garel Household of military historians.
  • Cathak Cacek, founder of the game of Gateway.
  • Cathak Mae, master smith of artifacts that are on par with those of the Shogunate.
  • General Cathak Kitono, commander of the 23rd Legion stationed in Greyfalls
  • Cathak Lazera, General of the 47th Legion stationed in Harborhead.
  • Cathak Giren, General of the 8th Legion stationed in the Lap

House Cathak

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