House Mnemon

House mnemon
House Mnemon is the strongest of the Great Houses, and is led by Mnemon herself, the eldest living child of the Scarlet Empress. Its scions excel at anything requiring arduous study.

Master of the House

House Mnemon is one of the two Great Houses that are controlled by their progenitor. In Mnemon’s case, though, she has actually lived beyond the normal Terrestrial lifespan, as opposed to her sister, V’Neef, who only recently was granted the right to found a House. Mnemon is perhaps the single most powerful member of the Scarlet Dynasty, and she runs a tight ship. If any one of her descendants fails to live up to her expectations, bad things tend to happen.

Major Lines

Mnemon Caras, a truly devout family that often enters the Immaculate Order, and would try to break free of Mnemon’s political control if they thought it was possible.
House Mnemon has the second-best Exaltation rate of any Great House, surpassed only by those upstart V’Neef. Earth is the primary elemental aspect for scions of Mnemon, but Air Aspects do occur.


Most of the House’s income is derived from its rich satrapies, but it does supplement those funds by hiring out its talented architects.


Most of the coastal cities throughout the North, and the Southern city of Paragon are controlled by House Mnemon.

Goals and Alliances

Quite simply, Mnemon wants to succeed her mother as Empress, and has attempted to foster alliances with most of the other Houses. House Sesus is a particularly fervent supporter, but the excellent breeding that House Mnemon offers has led to countless intermarriages with the rest of the Scarlet Dynasty, and Mnemon herself intends to use every family connection she has.

Illustrious Dynasts of the House

  • Mnemon herself, the front-runner for the Scarlet Throne
  • Mnemon Harasa, Paragon of Pasiap, currently missing and presumed kidnapped by Anathema

House Mnemon

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