House Nellens

House nellens
House Nellens is ridiculed by the other Great Houses for its low rate of Exaltation, possibly due to its progenitor, the only mortal consort of the Scarlet Empress. Despite (or perhaps because of) the treatment it receives from the rest of the Scarlet Dynasty, House Nellens enjoys immense popularity with the mortals of the Blessed Isle, who view the House as being one step removed from themselves. This opinion does nothing to help the status of House Nellens.

Master of the House

The other Houses would be shocked to learn that it is a council of four un-Exalted Patricians who make the most important decisions for House Nellens. The three Dragon-Blooded who also sit on the council are mostly figureheads.

Major Lines

The Exaltation rate of House Nellens is so poor that it cannot afford to split up into separate families, and so the “Nellens” line is the only one. Indeed, most of the House lives in


Like a younger sibling who is bullied away from the dinner table, House Nellens has been forced to look in new places for sustenance. They have mostly succeeded, expanding into small industries and trades that their better-bred cousins have passed over. Not only has this increased their influence with the un-Exalted masses, it has also ensured steady economic growth.


Because of its low social status and small number of Terrestrial Exalted, House Nellens has only one major Realm holding, in the city of Juche. It also holds economic and political control over the Eastern satrapy of Greyfalls.

Goals and Alliances

Although their lot is nowhere near as bad as that of House Iselsi, the Nellens know that they have no real allies save for the populace of the Realm, and even that is predicated on the forbearance of the other Houses. Their excellent network of informants, merchants, and contacts will help them get close to anyone who tries to take the Scarlet Throne, but House Nellens itself does not really have a chance for itself.

Illustrious Dynasts of the House

  • Nellens Malakai, a sorcerer who has become interested in the Abyssal Exalted, after a close victory over one
  • Nellens Siviri, a talented exorcist and healer, this gentle God-Blood is wildly popular

House Nellens

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