House Peleps

House peleps
Staunchly loyal to the Scarlet Empress and the Realm, House Peleps controls the Imperial Navy.

Master of the House

Peleps Febara and Peleps Taxin, a wife-and-husband duo, try to instill their superlative cunning in their descendants, to better prepare them for life in the Scarlet Dynasty

Major Lines

Peleps Najalin, a family of born naval tacticians and captains
Peleps Kaizoku, by remaining separate from the Imperial Navy, this household’s private fleet allows for plausibly-deniable privateering against the enemies of the Realm
All Peleps lines favor the elemental aspect of Water


House Peleps receives a major portion of its income from its control over the Navy, but is not above smuggling operations, sometimes with family members aboard both the smuggler ships and the patrolling Navy vessels.


All the Peleps satrapies are located on the water, allowing the House to quickly reinforce any of their holdings.

Goals and Alliances

House Peleps does not make long-term alliances, and has no unifying goal other than to safeguard the Realm in general, and the prosperity of their own House in particular. They do, however, receive hefty bribes from the Guild, in return for allowing that organization to pass the Imperial Navy unmolested.


It is unknown if House Peleps predates the Scarlet Empire or not, what is known however is that there is a Lake Peleps in Meru. This could be seen as a sign of the House’s great age given that the city of Meru has been uninhabitable since the Usurpation, of course it is also possible that the Scarlet Empress simply named one of her children after a place lost to history.

Illustrious Dynasts of the House

  • Fire Fleet Admiral Peleps Lundaer
  • Wood Fleet Admiral Peleps Polin
  • Peleps Deled, perhaps the meanest Immaculate monk to ever live

House Peleps

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