House Ragara

House ragara
House Ragara is well-liked by just about everyone, which shows just how skilled they are at working behind the scenes of the Scarlet Dynasty.

Master of the House

Ragara Banoba, grandson of the Empress by way of Ragara himself, maintains an air of stupidity in order to fool the heads of the other Houses into underestimating him and his scions. That makes them excellent targets for his various power-plays.

Major Lines

Ragara Soras, a major trading family, especially from the Blessed Isle’s northern ports
Ragara Calel, this family is the most gregarious in the House, keeping up a Ragara presence wherever it is needed
House Ragara favors Earth Aspects.


Ragara acts as banker and financier to many Dynasts. Indeed, some members have taken to loan-sharking. When the Ragara’s mark cannot pay back the loan, they find themselves owing the House a favor, and House Ragara will never forget that favor is due.


Members of House Ragara consider one of four estates in Chanos Prefecture their ancestral home.

Goals and Alliances

The primary ally of House Ragara is the Guild, who allow the Ragara to extend their influence all the way out to the Threshold, and provide them with superb money-making opportunities. On the Blessed Isle, however, Ragara makes no allies, but instead seeks to get the other Houses indebted to it.

Illustrious Dynasts of the House

  • Air Fleet Admiral Ragara Feria
  • Ragara Myrrun, one of the only three living Immaculate grandmasters
  • Ragara Soras Heral, a gifted administrator who works with Banoba to manage House finances

House Ragara

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