House Sesus

House sesus
House Sesus is a military power, and that’s about all it can reliably lay claim to, though the members of this Great House don’t lose any sleep over it. Still, the House lumbers along thanks to the acumen of its members.

Master of the House

Each of the five major bloodlines operate semi-independently, led by the eldest couple from each household.

Major Lines

Sesus Kajak , fallen from its prominent military position, this family is now primarily a mercenary operation
Sesus Alon, a household known for its fierce orators in the Deliberative
Sesus Magel, a more politically and financially oriented family
Sesus Chenow, well-known for the brutality and blood-lust of its members
Sesus Denerid, practically part of House Cynis, thanks to constant intermarriages
With the notable (and abhorrent) exception of the Denerid household, the Sesus lines favor Fire Aspects


Most of the House’s revenue comes from its satrapies, who generally pay on time to avoid being subjected to Sesus troops, but occasional mercenary units also bring in money.


House Sesus claims Eagle Prefecture as its ancestral holding. It also holds several territories in the East.

Goals and Alliances

Despite being aligned with House Mnemon, House Sesus isn’t willing to just hand the throne over, and they are contemplating accepting House Iselsi’s offer of support.

Illustrious Dynasts of the House

  • Sesus Nagezzer, known as “the Slug,” he is also a powerful behind-the-scenes player
  • Sesus Chenow, this grand old bully has gathered his old sworn brotherhood for one last rampage through the Threshold
  • Sesus Rafara, raised as the perfect spy and assassin, she has since gone rogue, and is getting her revenge on the House that created her

House Sesus

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