House V'neef

House v neef
The youngest House in the Scarlet Dynasty, House V’Neef has enjoyed an exceptionally pure bloodline, the favor of the Scarlet Empress, and the envy of its less-fortunate relatives.

Master of the House

V’Neef is still very young, and her family consists entirely of her, her husband and their children, so there has been no need for her to delegate power at all.

Major Lines

The nine born-members of House V’Neef are all directly related to the founder, and have all been strongly aspected towards Wood. The adopted members are not yet in a position to start their own households.


In addition to the lucrative satrapies the Empress bestowed upon the fledgling House, V’Neef has made a grand profit on winemaking, as most wine was previously imported from across the Inner Sea. This endeavor has also been aided by being granted control over the Merchant Navy, a post previously belonging to House Peleps.


By making reasonable demands of her satrapies in the South, V’Neef has gained a stable holding in the Threshold and a source of Firedust.

Though they are young and have no ancestral holding, members of House V’neef consider Qishi Prefecture their home. (Note: This information on Qishi Prefecture was cut for space from the Blessed Isle book and may not be canonical.)

Goals and Alliances

At the moment, House V’Neef is too small to make a dent in Dynastic politics on its own. However, its extreme purity of blood makes it a prime candidate for intermarriage, which is how V’Neef expects her family will gain its influence.

Illustrious Dynasts of the House

  • V’Neef Aliset, a vibrant young Wood Aspect who hopes to attend the Heptagram

House V'neef

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