The Primordials are beings that existed in the Wyld long before Creation was formed by their efforts. A Primordial is composed of lesser souls — individual entities in their own right — which are also composed of autonomous lesser souls. Each Primordial has a favored concept or principal that it promotes or embodies, and each of its lesser souls also represent some aspect of the Primordial’s personality, or favored concept.

The Primordials differed from the unshaped raksha of the Wyld in their desire to put order to the chaos of their environment. The unshaped raksha found the Primordials’ desire for stability unsettling.

At the beginning of the Primordial War there were twenty-seven Primordials living in Yu-Shan.

Only two Primordials sided with the gods during the Primordial War. Gaia and the Autochthon, Great Maker. The rest were either slain, becoming the Neverborn, or imprisoned, becoming the Yozis.


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