The Black Warrens

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This black basalt mortuary is located in the outer ring of Nathir. It was the central burial place for the last thousand years.

It looks exactly like Notre Dame except that it is made out of glistening basalt stone.

Recently a shadowland has appeared inside the cathedral and spread to the immense graveyard outside.

Ghosts, Zombies and other dead inhabit the site and stand to defend it at all costs.

The site is claimed by Bedre also known as Smothered Koal an abyssal knight of the Blinded Spider.

Ground Level

The black warrens ground level

Sub Level 1

Sub level 1

Sub Level 2

Sub level 2

Sub Level 3

Sub level 3

Sub Level 4

Sub level 4

Sub Level 5

Sub level 5

Sub Level 6

Sub level 6

The Black Warrens

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