The Unconquered Sun

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The Unconquered Sun is the representation of the sun and patron of the Solar Exalted. Greatest of the Celestines and leader of the gods, the Unconquered Sun inspired them to revolt against the Primordials to gain access to the Games of Divinity. His champions, the Solar Exalted, led the charge in the resulting Primordial War. After the war’s end, the Unconquered Sun continued to advise his Chosen in their rule of Creation until the Great Curse made their pride grow so great he turned his back on them. After the murder of the Solars during the Usurpation, his temples were pulled down and his worship banned in the Realm.

The Unconquered Sun is a peerless strategist and leader as well as being the ultimate warrior in all of Creation. He is typically depicted as a clean-shaven, handsome, four-armed male wearing bronze armor and carrying a lance, a shining shield, a laurel branch and a horn. Each of these objects symbolizes a different one of the four Virtues.

While the Unconquered Sun is more strictly bound to heroic archetype by his Virtues than most entities, he has the option of violating his moral precepts at the cost of a significant portion of his powers. Violating Valor reduces his killing power, violating Temperance nullifies his absolute invincibility, and so on.

The Unconquered Sun

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