Twilight Caste


The Twilight Caste Solar Exalted are most commonly Exalted from scholars, and artisans— those who are dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and education. The Twilight Caste are best known for their powerful dominion over the realms of sorcery and magic. Since the Solars are the only Exalted with natural access to the highest circle of sorcery (The Solar Circle), many of the greatest sorcerers in Creation have been Twilight Castes.

Caste Abilities

Members of the Twilight Caste have the following Caste Abilities:

  • Craft
  • Investigation
  • Lore
  • Medicine
  • Occult


Twilight Caste Solars can also solidify their Animas to protect themselves from harm.

Their Caste Mark is a golden circle, the top half solid, the bottom half an empty ring. Twilight Animas tend to the most spectacular of colors, containing bright golds, dark reds, purples, and even blues.


  • Descending Suns
  • Children of Twilight
  • Solar Lightning
  • Copper Spiders
  • Arrows of Heaven
  • The Unclean (derogatory)


Ambitious courtesan, blacksmith, child prodigy, cunning courtier, destitute student, educated merchant, elderly scholar, insightly tailor, optimistic young scavenger, powerful shaman, traveling healer, village wise woman, warrior-sage.


  • Autumn
  • Orange
  • The Western Direction
  • Wood
  • The Crescent Moon
  • The Maiden of Secrets

Twilight Caste

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