Mecha darkrai

Warstriders are massive mechanical suits of armor, constructed with extreme care as weapons of incredible power. The greatest of these were formed in the High First Age, with lesser models formed during the Shogunate.

Currently, Warstriders are hard to come by and extremely difficult to build. The Realm and Lookshy are the only places where Warstriders are used with any regularity, but their rarity certainly doesn’t detract from their combat value. Warstrider pilots control the device from a chassis, using strips of the magical materials to move the device in a manner that vaguely resembles puppeteering. Such controls were quite fatiguing to the rider, although more advanced models were comfortable enough to ease the fatigue.

Warstriders traditionally come in several models: Common, Scout, Noble, Royal and Colossus. Common designs are fairly simple (by First Age Technology standards) and are effectively strong power armor. Scouts lack the striking power of the other classes, but are faster and can be used for longer periods without need for repair. Noble warstriders are more comfortable to use and have more all-around power than Common and Scout classes. Colossus types are no taller than Noble classes, but they are much wider and the most potent of the Warstriders in terms of raw physical power. The Royal Warstriders were usually the most powerful type. Royals frequently contained awakened little gods to give the device its own active intelligence, some of which were quite powerful in and of themselves.

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