Zenith Caste


The Zenith Caste Solar Exalted are priests, prophets and mystics. The Golden Bulls lead their circlemates into the fight against the Creatures of Darkness.

Caste Abilities

Members of the Zenith Caste have the following Caste Abilities:

  • Endurance
  • Performance
  • Presence
  • Resistance
  • Survival


Zenith Caste Solars’ Animas are empowered by the light of the Unconquered Sun himself. With but a touch, the Golden Bulls can burn the bodies of the fallen for one mote of Essence per body, sending the smoke (and the soul) to Heaven, and preventing the body from rising after death as a Zombie and the lower soul from rising as a hungry ghost. They are protected from, and can strike down, demons, the Undead, and other creatures of darkness. As his action, a Zenith Exalt can channel 10 Motes of Essence through his anima. He then glows with the holy fire of the Unconquered Sun and illuminates the area around him as brightly as if it were noon. This illumination extends for (permanent Essence X 10) yards. For the remainder of the scene (or until he chooses to let the effect dissipate) he gains additional lethal and bashing soak equal to his Essence against attacks by all creatures of darkness.

Their Caste Mark is a large golden disc and their Animas are bright white or gold like the noonday Sun.


  • Resplendent Suns
  • Pillars of the Sun
  • Solar Thunder
  • Golden Bulls
  • Hammers of Heaven
  • The Blasphemous (derogatory)


Former priest or shaman of another god, brilliant astrologer, two-fisted laborer, wandering tinker, desert hermit, physician, peasant rebel, tax collecter, pirate, old man on the mountain, runaway slave


  • Summer
  • Cobalt Blue and Gold
  • The Southern Direction
  • The Element of Earth
  • The Half Moon
  • The Maiden of Serenity

Zenith Caste

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